Q: What am I paying for if these medications are free?

A: As SCBN is not a state or federally-funded program but a membership-based service organization, we must charge for our services in order to continue to be able to provide patients with the assistance they need and deserve. Membership dues are for services rendered, not for medication. For the cost of your membership dues, our certified and capable team of advocates will assist you in every way possible to ensure that you get your prescription medications in a timely and reliable manner. This includes:

Q: How much will I pay for membership in your organization?

A: Following an initial $50 application fee, our membership dues are monthly and vary based on the number of medications with which you need assistance--as low as $79/month and $40 per medication there after. At this price, our members typically save at least 70-80% of the retail cost they would be paying at a pharmacy.

Q: What if I decide to cancel my membership? Am I eligible for a refund?

A: If you should happen to find more cost-efficient assistance elsewhere and would like to cancel your membership with our organization, please notify us immediately so that we can close your account before your next draft date. If you would like to cancel a new account and think you might be eligible for a refund, please see the guidelines below:

Q: Is this insurance?

A: No, we are a service company and do not guarantee any type of benefits.

Q: Are these Generic or Brand Name Medications?

A: Our program works for both although with generics your price may vary depending on the prescription.

Q: Where do these drugs come from?

A: The medications are supplied directly from the drug manufacturer and normally at least a 90 day supply is given.

Q: Why would the pharmaceutical companies offer these programs?

A: There is differing of opinions on the exact reasons that Pharmaceutical Companies are giving away so many free prescription medications. Some say that they do it because of their ongoing commitment to public health and because they really do care about low-income families. Others, noting the excruciating guidelines to participate and that the programs are typically not advertised, argue it is more of a political move on the part of these companies. Regardless of why, the fact is that they do give away free prescription medications and many people can benefit. And now, with the help of SCBN, the processes have been made easy for the average patient.

Q: How long does it take to get my medication?

A: From the time you enroll until your medications are in your hands takes on average 6-8 weeks. Renewal applications must be sent in early to allow for this. Your Personal Care Advocate will contact you when it is time to get started on the renewal process.

Q: What should I do after applying?

A: Continue with your medication as normal until the first shipment arrives from the pharmaceutical company. SCBN never dispenses medication or approves an application, we cannot guarantee the time of shipment of your order.

Q: How much medication will I be receiving?

A: Most companies have a 1 year enrollment period and send out a three-month supply of medication at a time.

Q: Why do some medications go to my home, but others go to the Doctor's office?

A: Excellent question!
In order to send medication directly to a patient, the drug company must be appropriately licensed with the federal government. Because many drug manufacturers are NOT properly licensed to dispense medication in this way, they must send the medications to a doctor's office that can legally dispense them to you.

Q: How to Dispose of Unused Medicines ?

A: FDA and the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy developed federal guidelines that are summarized here:

Read more about proper disposal of medications on the FDA Web site